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A Military Hero

David Munis, a big, burly man of 36, was well liked and respected by the townspeople of Cheyenne, WY. He had the powerful aura of a hero about him, what with his background of a military sharpshooter and his desire to join the Wyoming Army National Guard upon honorable discharge. Although wife Robin was the undisputed first love of his life, David's other priority was his passion for nature and wilderness. Whenever possible, he spent several nights away from home, on perilous solitary camping trips that revealed natural sights of unspoken beauty.

On July 14, 2007 police in Cheyenne were looking for Munis, believing he killed his wife. Several weeks earlier, Robin Munis announced her intention to separate from her husband and soon moved out of their home. The day before her death, Robin reported to authorities that David was harassing her with phone calls; however, he didn't threaten her, so there was no specific cause for concern.

The next day, Robin was scheduled to appear with her band at a local restaurant. She was singing on stage when a shot fired from outside hit and instantly killed her. The shot came from 100 yards away; clearly, the assassin possessed her estranged husband's sniper training. Witnesses saw Munis' truck leaving the scene. A search of his home produced a long letter listing all his grievances against his wife as his motive for her murder.

Detectives believed that Munis has hidden in the Wyoming wilderness; using his extensive survival skills, he could remain hidden for years. However, only three days later, on July 17, 2007, a ranch hand saw Sergeant Munis' camper parked in the vicinity of Rogers Canyon and alerted the police forces. As he realized he was surrounded, Munis shot himself in the chest, was airlifted to a local hospital and pronounced dead on arrival.

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