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Daddy's Little Girl

Kayla Marie LaSala was a pretty little waif, barely over five feet tall, with cat-like green eyes and an alluring smile. She was fourteen and intelligent beyond her years. Like most teenagers, she could also be cunning and precocious. Yet she was still such a child! She never slept without her fluffy little black kitty. Kayla lived in Mercer County, West Virginia with her adoring father Steven LaSala. Kayla's mother was no longer around, and Steven was raising his daughter alone. Lately, it had become pretty difficult because the little angel could at times get a bit unruly.

On February 23, 2004 the world found out that Kayla LaSala was also devious and deadly. She stabbed her father 108 times and calmly confessed to her crime. In spite of allegations of abuse on his part, LaSala was charged with first-degree murder as an adult and sentenced to 25 years. Pending her coming-of-age when she could actually start serving her sentence in adult prison, she was under house arrest, confined to her uncle's home. She was to wear an electronic ankle bracelet to monitor her every move, at all times.

On July 3, 2004 police were notified that the monitoring device was disturbed. As it turned out, by the time they became aware of the problem, LaSala was long gone, having severed her anklet and attached this makeshift collar onto her kitty. However, her little cousin told the police Kayla left in a BMW, with an African-American male named Troy Gilmore whom she met in an online chat room. Kayla was now going by the name Tyragha McCala. Police confronted Gilmore in Altomonte Springs, Florida, and he admitted to sheltering LaSala. She was found playing video games at his home.

The above account is based on a true story. Background checks protect peaceful citizens from being deceived and/or harmed by a cunning criminal.