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A Background Check Would Have Revealed a Heinous Monster Before His Hatred Caused Death

We have all had a glimpse of the 88-year-old white supremacist who murdered the security guard at the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum. Most of us recoiled in disgust having first heard about James von Brunn and his crimes against humanity. The media continues to reveal new layers of his repugnant hobbies, wish as we might that they wouldn't. Now the FBI has announced they found child pornography on his computer during the search of his home.

He is currently lying in the hospital bed and it's not even clear if he'll recover to stand trial for murder. Even if he does, he is 88 and would never really serve the sentence he deserves. He has lived a long, noxious life and there is no telling how much harm he has inflicted on the world in all those years. It's too late to try and find out whom else he'd hated, molested and killed over the course of 3/4 of a century? Don't you wish he'd lived during the era of blooming technology where a simple background check may have stopped this man in his tracks a long time ago?

Crimes are discovered much faster today, and they are carefully tracked by computerized databases, so a criminal record literally follows someone forever. Law enforcement, employers and private individuals may request a background check and find out what someone is all about. There's no way this lunacy wouldn't have come out sooner. Perhaps we could have saved a life, or who knows, maybe more. Too late, now.