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The Marrying Man

Michael Reapp has always been a skilled sailor and navigator. He is passionate about boats and all things boating, and has always lived near the ocean. Tanned and healthy, with a booming voice, he loves to fish and entertain friends and family on his boat off the coast of Florida, though it's been over ten years since he's been seen in the local waters.

For the past 30 years, Michael Reapp has gotten away with the murder of his wife, Grace, and 5-year-old daughter, Gracie. On June 7, 1978, police in Vermont received a call from Reapp claiming his wife and daughter were missing from their home. According to Reapp, Grace left a note stating that she was leaving him and taking Gracie, and that he shouldn't follow her.

Detectives weren't convinced. Their investigation revealed that Reapp had been having an affair and wanted a divorce. Police suspected that Grace and Gracie were dead, and that their husband and father was the murderer. Unfortunately, they never found the bodies and were unable to obtain a warrant for Reapp's arrest.

Reapp was free to move away and start a new life, and that is what he did. He remarried within two years of his family's disappearance, but this marriage didn't last either. Reapp was mentally and physically abusive to his second wife, and she divorced him. By 1981, he had remarried for the third time and moved to Florida with his new wife. Police believe Reapp lived there until 1996.

That was when, after years of investigating, police reopened the murder case, and this time they obtained an arrest warrant. Unfortunately, although his arrest is long overdue, Reapp has not been seen or heard of since 1996.

The above account is based on a true story. Background checks protect peaceful citizens from being deceived and/or harmed by a cunning criminal.