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Burglary by Pastor Reaffirms "Trust But Verify"

Published Date: Dec. 29, 2010
by Timothy McClanahan

The Cold War-era saying, "Trust But Verify," regarding nuclear weapons inspections, comes to mind in the recent case of a pastor alleged to have burglarized the home of one of her parishioners in Dallas, TX on Christmas Eve. Sandy McGriff, cofounder of the Church of the Living God, was booked on charges of burglary and resisting arrest.

McGriff was released after posting a $26,000 bond. While McGriff plans to plead not guilty to the crime, she admits to having a past, and even gave police a false name, Kathy Robinson, at her arrest. The owner of the home, Serita Agnew, said she would not let this shake her faith.

While this case has an ending everyone can live with, other burglaries often do not. If someone is interrupted in the process of a burglary, people can and have been injured or killed by the would-be burglar in their escape attempt. This story could have had a much darker ending.

Many of the people in positions of trust in our lives - pastors, doctors, teachers, and so on - have that trust automatically because of their position in society, but sometimes that trust is not deserved. If someone knows your home address, or interacts with your children, it seems prudent to know as much about them as is possible. A background check is a simple step to take to protect those in your life, as well as your possessions.

Performing this task is easy - it merely involves entering a name and state of residence on a background check site, and public records are checked for a match. Past addresses, criminal records, liens, and more are publicly available information, and can give you insight into a person you've put your trust in.

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