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Author of Pedophile How-To Book Arrested

Published Date: Dec. 22, 2010
by: Timothy McClanahan

Earlier this year, online retailer was steeped in controversy for carrying a self-published book on how to commit pedophilia. Amazon pulled the book from its virtual shelves after two weeks of public debate, but that didn't stop author Phillip Greaves from signing a copy for some undercover detectives in Winter Haven, FL, which has led to his arrest.

Greaves was arrested in Pueblo, CO, and is being held on a $15,000 bond as he awaits extradition to Florida to face charges of obscenity.

The book details methods on how to lure a child for the purpose of sex, and includes such things as how to look for vulnerable children, and teaching the child to lie to their parents. Greaves is not charged with any acts of child molestation or pedophilia at this time.

Greaves claims to have a history of very early sexualization, as well as mental illness, which at one time resulted in a mental hospital stay for manic depression. Greaves also stated he had a mental collapse three years ago, while he was working as a nursing home aide.

While Greaves wasn't working directly with children, children certainly do visit relatives in nursing homes, and it doesn't seem to be too much of a stretch to imagine a scenario where a trusted person such as a nursing aide would be left alone with a child during a visit to a sick relative. Background checks are simple enough to run these days that anyone who is to be trusted with children should be checked out thoroughly.

Running a normal background check is simpler than most people think - it doesn't require a social security number unless you are an employer. Criminal history, addresses, and other information, can be gleaned from public records, but can still offer a great deal of insight into the person being checked out.

If your child wants to play over at the new neighbor's house, think about how well you know that neighbor. Is there a new janitor at your church? Not everyone who works at a place is thought to have direct access to kids, and so background checks are often skipped in these cases, but there are plenty of instances where people who do work directly with children have also not been run through the system to find out their history.

To run a background check, all that is required is a name and location, but because you may be dealing with several people with similar names, the more you know about the person, the more accurate your reading of the results will be, so try to have as accurate an idea about their age as possible, as well as some hints as to previous cities lived in. While it's invaluable to identify who the bad guys are, you also don't want to falsely paint someone with such a horrible accusation.

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