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Free Background Check Resources: Oregon News

A More Thorough Background Check May Be Required

Curtis Jack is a well-known businessman in Coquille, Oregon. Jack is on the Board of Directors of the Coquille Valley Hospital, the owner of Coquille Supply and President of the Coquille Lions Club. He is involved in many local humanitarian endeavors and is famous for generously opening his home to foreign exchange students, putting Coquille on the map and bringing more tourism and other business to the small town.

This year Curtis Jack was hosting yet another female foreign exchange student. The girl had been living with Jack and his family for the entire school year, until earlier this month, she suddenly confided in a friend, another exchange student, that Jack has forced inappropriate sexual attention on her the night before. The other student's host mom reported this immediately to the regional program manager, and the student was removed from the home.

The girl's sponsor is AYUSA International, a foreign exchange program sponsored by the U.S. Department of State. As required by federal regulations, AYUSA reported the case to County Sheriff on May 13 and federal authorities on May 16. Last week, 53-year-old Jack was indicted on several counts of first and third-degree sex abuse.

State Department-sponsored programs are required to perform a background check by name on all members of a potential host family's household, an in-person interview, home visit, personal reference check and scrutiny of family finances before approval. Program representatives are expected to monitor student progress and check up on them in monthly meetings.

A Feminine Psychic

David Wayne French, or as most knew him, Zalia Crizta, is transgendered. Zalia wore her brown hair shoulder-length and wore makeup and women's clothing. She never took off her sunglasses, not even inside or at night. Zalia was fascinated with new age spiritual teachings and was closely involved with the like-minded community. She was known to have a psychic gift and made a living offering spiritual and metaphysical guidance and services. She maintained an internet business and had extensive connections on the west coast. In her free time, Zalia enjoyed gardening. She was also an avid cyclist and an expert at fixing bikes.

On May 4, 2007, Portland police arrived at the residence French shared with his roommate and found the roommate's dead body. They determined that the 51-year-old man died from multiple blows to the head made with a blunt object. Their main suspect, 48-year-old David French, was gone. Investigators believe that an argument over living arrangements escalated to violence and murder. They think that French got away in the nick of time, leaping out of third-story window as police were breaking into the apartment.

Portland police looked for French in cities where he previously lived, including Rapid City, South Dakota. They flooded Rapid City with flyers, hoping that someone would recognize French. It was a sheer stroke of luck, when a bus station employee recognized French's photo as someone who had bought a ticket for El Cajon, California. Police notified El Cajon authorities, and on November 15, 2007, French was arrested and brought into custody.

The above account is based on a true story. Background checks protect peaceful citizens from being deceived and/or harmed by a cunning criminal.