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An Outspoken Activist

Kenneth Cofer was a very unconventional man. He had always been somewhat of an activist, attending all kinds of rallies and protests. Very outgoing and outspoken, Ken was often heard speaking at such public gatherings. He was certainly well-read and intelligent, expressing alternative opinions and enjoying an eccentric lifestyle. A talented drummer and a lover of rock music, Ken played in a local band. He made a living as a skilled carpenter and auto mechanic.

The law enforcement certainly finds Kenneth Cofer very interesting; police have been searching for him since September 13, 2002. Cofer is wanted for the first-degree murder of Larry Buchanan.

Clearly, Cofer had pronounced sociopathic tendencies. He was obsessed with anti-American propaganda and practiced a survivalist lifestyle, convinced Armageddon was near. He enjoyed pontificating on these subjects in public places, especially bars. He liked saying that Oklahoma and America got what they deserved in the '95 bombing and on September 11.

Larry Buchanan, a proud Vietnam veteran, couldn't listen to Cofer without losing his temper, and on the night in question the two got involved in a heated argument which ended in a fistfight outside. They ran into each other two other times. The first encounter ended in another fight. The last one occurred in a rural area, with Cofer surrounded by a group of other men. This time, rather than use his fists, Cofer pulled out a gun and shot Buchanan in the head. The man who survived the Vietnam War went down in a senseless argument at the hand of an angry, disturbed person. The last thing witnesses heard Cofer say was: "I guess I ruined my life." With that, he drove off and was never seen again.

The above account is based on a true story. Background checks protect peaceful citizens from being deceived and/or harmed by a cunning criminal.