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The Innocent Lovebirds

Anyone who had seen Roger Dillon and Nicole (Niki) Boyd together will tell you that this young couple made it hard not to smile. Their angelic fresh faces - Roger's blond, green-eyed innocence and Niki's dark, smoldering beauty - left an impression of sweet lovebirds completely absorbed in each other. The couple had recently moved to Beckley, West Virginia, and it was obvious to their new neighbors that Roger was an adoring boyfriend. He often brought generous gifts for Niki, and they generally enjoyed a pretty lavish lifestyle and appeared very happy together. True to his style, Roger's online ID on MySpace was "King of Hearts". The last time Roger accessed his profile was November 26, 2007, and that's when he changed his mood to "jubilant".

In the meantime, police and FBI were searching for 22-yr-old Roger Dillon and his 24-yr-old girlfriend Niki Boyd, the fugitive couple who on November 26, 2007 stole $7 million in an armored car heist, one of the biggest ever. The FBI knew immediately it was an inside job. Dillon was employed at the armored car company in Liberty, Ohio, and he and his girlfriend have been missing since the robbery. Dillon knew how to disable the alarm system, which allowed him to get into the building and clean out two safes.

Ever since agents discovered that Dillon purchased a new mode of transportation after the robbery, a black van with quite a few bells and whistles, they have been looking for the vehicle. They followed the paper trail the young couple left behind, right to their new love nest in West Virginia, with the new van parked outside. Early in the morning of December 1, 2008 police arrested Dillon and Boyd. They were sufficiently stunned not to offer any resistance. On March 10, 2008, they both pled guilty to charges of conspiracy, interstate transportation of stolen property, and stealing federally insured bank money from the armored car company. Dillon and Boyd will serve a potential maximum sentence of 25 years behind bars. Unfortunately, this means the sweethearts also face long-term separation.

The above account is based on a true story. Background checks protect peaceful citizens from being deceived and/or harmed by a cunning criminal.