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Free Background Check Resources: North Dakota News

Say 'Yes' to a Mandatory Background Check for Childcare Providers

Whenever as a result of someone's negligence or oversight a child gets hurt, I lose my cool. I just can't stand it when innocent children are victimized. Let me tell you, lately I've been freaking out a lot.

Take this news story from North Dakota. A bill that would require a mandatory background check for every childcare employee failed in the House 46-47 (it required 48 votes). The Senate approved the bill 45-2. So, the House doesn't want our children protected and safe?

Thankfully, one of the two Reps who withheld their votes, the Democrat, plans to petition for the House to reconsider its decision. He simply found the language too "convoluted" and misunderstood its meaning, and supports it now that he took a closer look. You'd think he would have learned to decipher legalese before making it into the House of Representatives! At least he "certainly wouldn't want to be in the way of children being safe." Nice of him, isn't it?

But he actually is a nice one. The other naysayer, the Republican Rep said he found the idea of a mandatory background check too intrusive. Imagine that! What happened to family values and the idea of no child left behind? Or does that one only apply to cutting school funding? The man doesn't believe we should ask some straightforward questions of the people who spend more time with these children than their own parents? Does he have children in daycare? Not likely. And hopefully it won't matter when the House reviews and reconsiders its decision as it is expected to do. I sure hope it does. Here's to the mighty background check protecting every child in North Dakota and everywhere else!

A Hard Worker

Curi Caberi Tapia-Martinez is a good-natured young man in his mid-20s, who grew up in Mexico. Childhood friends describe him as an amiable, happy and friendly guy. He is from a large noisy family, and has many brothers and sisters. He is a loving, respectful son who always tries to help his large struggling family. A few years back, Curi went to the United States. His family knows he works very hard, so he can support them financially. He's returned to Mexico twice since then. When he comes home, it is a cause for a big celebration. Curi never returns empty-handed, and every one of his little siblings receives a gift from America. But he never stays long, and always has to go back soon after. This saddens his family, but they appreciate his sacrifices and the hard work he does for them. Curi is very responsible.

Little do they know that in the United States Curi Caberi Tapia-Martinez, also known as "Tahoe," "Primo" or "Papo", is accused of running a massive drug operation, transporting methamphetamine from his base in California to the rural areas in North Dakota and Minnesota.

In spite of all the government and police efforts, North Dakota is in the midst of a crystal meth crisis, and Tapia-Martinez and his cartel are to blame. The Mexican drug dealers mass-produce high-quality, lower priced meth in "superlabs" south of the border, transporting it into the U.S. through secret tunnels. Police estimate that Tapia-Martinez grosses at least $1 million in six months from his deadly trade, while violence, robberies and other drug-related crimes continue to escalate.

Tapia-Martinez had been deported from the United States at least twice. But he never remains in Mexico long enough, resurfacing again, as if mocking the U.S. government. He had also been arrested several times on various charges, but he used an alias, and posted bail before the arresting officers figured out his true identity. At this time, members of the DEA task force believe they've figured out the dealer's routine, and are following his trail. Tapia-Martinez will soon be serving a life term in a federal prison.

The above account is based on a true story. Background checks protect peaceful citizens from being deceived and/or harmed by a cunning criminal.