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A Respected Physician

The Kelley family is what one may imagine as an ideal family. They are friendly, refined and wholesome. The Kelleys often travel on humanitarian missions to Central and South America.

Genevieve Kelly has a daughter from a previous marriage, Mary. Genevieve is professionally known as Dr. Genevieve San Martin, M.D. She used to work and live in Whitefield, New Hampshire. Genevieve Kelley is a devout Catholic and speaks fluent Spanish. She was honorably discharged from the Air Force, where she served as a flight surgeon. Scott Kelley, Mary's stepfather worked as a Special Education teacher in New Hampshire. Friends and family say horses are a big part of their lives. They owned a horse named Nicky and two ponies, Nicky II and Snippy. Mary has been riding horses since she was five, and Genevieve began riding "western" style in high school.

The Kelleys have been on the run from the law since late 2004, after they kidnapped 11-year old Mary, fearing loss of parental custody. Mary's poor health, as well as her alleged molestation, was the central issues of her parents' custody dispute.

When Genevieve gave birth prematurely to Mary Nunes in February 1996, the infant was at high risk. At age eight, Mary was diagnosed with AVM malformation, which caused migraines, leg weakness, and a number of other symptoms that required frequent specialized medical treatment and constant observation.

In November 2004, Genevieve and Scott Kelley failed to show up in court with Mary for a scheduled hearing. By default, the court appointed Mary's biological father her legal guardian. It is possible the Kelleys took the young girl from her home a week before the court date. Mary may not even know that she was kidnapped.

One may be able to relate to Genevieve's desperation of a mother about to lose her child. Yet, Genevieve Kelly's actions were highly selfish and irresponsible, since the best thing for Mary would have been to remain at home, close to constant state-of-the-art medical attention. In the light of the fact that as a physician Genevieve understood she is endangering her daughter's health, her actions appear criminally negligent.

The family has not been seen since the day they left Whitefield. Authorities believe they may be traveling in South America with their brown horse Nicky and Mary's new two-year-old sibling. They hope Mary is alive, but doubt she is well.

The above account is based on a true story. Background checks protect peaceful citizens from being deceived and/or harmed by a cunning criminal.