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An Indulgent Father

Greg Adrian was a hard-working family man. He owned a successful computer repair business and the family was financially secure. When his wife was at work, Greg was very supportive and helped her a lot at home. Together, they were raising their only daughter. The neighbors were convinced they were spoiling that child too much, especially Greg. But she was daddy's little girl, and no one was going to take that away from him. Yet, the child was getting older.

In November of 2007, LAPD began searching for a father accused of physically and sexually abusing his 12-year-old daughter. The father was Greg Adrian.

Following an especially brutal attack, Adrian's daughter confided in school authorities about her terrifying life at home. According to the young girl, her father often became enraged and physically attacked her for the slightest reason. She recounted his scary temper flare-ups and previous sexually abusive assaults she's suffered at his hands. When the school summoned the police, they discovered that Greg Adrian had a history of sexually abusing children. He served two years and was a registered sex offender after a 1996 conviction that involved his then 7-year-old niece.

Adrian had previously wormed his way out of every situation, when his daughter tried to alert her mother or the neighbors. This time, he no longer denied it; instead, he started planning his escape. He emptied his business account and fled the area, telling his business partner he is never going back to jail. He mailed a notarized power of attorney to his wife, relinquishing all property and parental rights. He included a letter, in which he threatened to commit suicide, but also promised to see her again someday. The package was postmarked Las Vegas, Nevada. Authorities believe Adrian may still be in Sin City. A $1.15 million warrant has been issued for his arrest.

The above account is based on a true story. Background checks protect peaceful citizens from being deceived and/or harmed by a cunning criminal.