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A Creative Loner

Thomas Richard Evered led a secluded life in Missoula, Montana. He was a quiet loner who lived with his mother. His sister also lived in the area and visited often, enjoying long philosophical conversations with her brother. Thomas was a thoughtful, creative young man, devoting a lot of time to his main passions, photography and video production. He stayed up late most nights, spending many hours on the computer in the basement, and his mother and sister had hoped he was looking for dates. They would have liked it if Thomas eventually met a nice woman and started his own family. They sometimes wondered if he was gay, but it really didn't matter: they loved Thomas and would have accepted his lifestyle. He didn't seem interested in moving out and starting a family, and they were content to leave things as they were.

Thomas Richard Evered and John Doe #1 - a man wanted for sexually exploiting a minor for the purpose of producing child pornography - were one and the same. The graphic footage of a man sexually molesting a child has been passed around on the Internet for the past five years. In February of 2004, America's Most Wanted (AMW) aired a segment on "John Doe #1." A group of undercover FBI agents from the Innocent Images Unit, who arrest pedophiles for Internet crimes, hoped to generate tips that would help establish the criminal's identity and physical location. Instead they heard from Evered directly. As it turns out, his sister saw the footage of her brother on AMW, and called her mother. Together, they confronted him and ordered him to turn himself in. He did, quietly and amicably, as was his way.