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Beloved Grandson

Keir Sanders was affectionately called K.D. by his family. His mother often reminisces about how bright and creative he was as a boy. K.D. loved drawing, sketching and painting and enjoyed fiddling with gadgets, clocks and radios as a child. He had a sweet disposition and was affectionate and helpful with his mother and grandparents. The little boy was the apple of everyone's eye in the Sanders family.

The grown up Keir Sanders had been wanted for double murder for 20 years. As a teenager, K. D. was diagnosed with paranoid schizophrenia, and spent several years at a mental institution. Later, although his grandparents knew their 21-year-old grandson was potentially dangerous, they still decided to have him move with them to a peaceful retirement community. They believed it would have a therapeutic effect on his condition.

The elderly couple was soon feeling terrorized by K. D.'s violent outbursts and afraid for their lives. In December of 1985, following an argument, Keir Sanders had shot both his grandparents and beaten his grandfather to death with a hammer. The grandmother soon died of her wounds, too. By the time police had arrived, alerted by Sanders' mother, he had fled in the family car. No one had seen or heard from him since.

Then, in December of 2005, Texas police had picked up a homeless man whose name and date of birth matched those of a man wanted for a double murder in Mississippi. They quickly alerted Mississippi police, and after background checks, DNA tests and careful questioning, they indeed confirmed that this was their man. In fact, Sanders willingly offered his confession, was transferred to Mississippi and comfortably placed behind bars, his shelter and meals taken care of for the rest of his life.