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An Immigrant's Dream

Igor Koumlikov was a devoted son and a loving, protective older brother. He immigrated to the United States from Russia in the late 90s, and settled in Detroit, MI with his widowed mother and younger sister. Things weren't easy for the family at first, and Igor worked hard to help support the family. He worked extra shifts at construction sites, helping his mother to pay for his sister's college education and trying to save some money. Igor had high hopes for owning a business and a house some day and dreamed of his mother never having to work again.

The flipside of Igor Koumlikov's personality was heavy drinking, a quick temper and uncontrollable rage. These tendencies led him to commit murder. Several days after an argument with a Polish immigrant and drinking buddy Jan Jasinski, which landed him in the hospital with an eye injury, Koumlikov returned to Jasinski's house, let himself in while the other man slept, and pounded him with his fists until he believed him unconscious. His subsequent attempts to revive his victim, however, revealed that Jasinski was dead.

The next night Koumlikov returned to the house with two accomplices, and together they dug a grave in Jasinski's back yard and buried him. The deceased had no family or friends in the area, and no one reported him missing. Slowly, however, rumors began to circulate. Reportedly, Koumlikov was going around, bragging about the murder to everyone who asked about Jan, and threatening to bury them next to him if they talked. In spite of the intimidation, the rumors finally reached the police, leading to a thorough investigation. Sure enough, they dug up Jasinski's year-old corpse.

Koumlikov was long gone, leaving his dreams and grieving family behind. Police believe he may have returned to Russia, where his crime will go unnoticed and unpunished. Sadly, murder is trivialized in lawless post-Soviet Russia and other former republics, and ordinary human life has little value. Koumlikov is believed to have sought protection and employment from the Russian mafia.