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The Peace Activist

One would expect that Leo Burt was treated at school like any other nerd with a shy smile and inquisitive hazel eyes behind glasses, except the University of Wisconsin knew better. Leo was in very good physical shape and had a reputation of a health nut and an avid athlete. He had a passion for rowing and was on the school's crew team. He was also a talented writer and his journalism major had landed him on the staff of the liberal university paper, where he had the opportunity to editorialize on political issues to his heart's content.

That wasn't enough for Leo Burt. He was destined to become one of the four men who committed the biggest domestic terrorist attack of its time. It was the Vietnam era, and August 24, 1970 has made its way into history textbooks.

The "New Year's Eve Gang" was a radical leftist group who fought for peace with violence. In the middle of the night, the accomplices parked a stolen van filled with deadly explosives outside of the targeted building, which housed the Army Research Math Center most everyone opposed. Instead, the explosion completely destroyed the physics department and years of priceless research efforts, and took the life of one researcher.

The New Year's Eve Gang left town in a hurry. Leo and one other accomplice fled to Canada. All but Leo were caught within several years, served appropriate terms, and have moved on with their lives. Leo Burt, indicted on counts of sabotage, destruction of government property and conspiracy, has evaded arrest for almost 40 years. Police believe he has long since returned from Canada and has led a quiet life in rural Massachusetts.