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A Petty Thief

Everyone considered Jason Belmer a thug and petty thief. He was caught stealing a jewelry box out of a home in Newbury, Maine. When Belmer appeared in Court to hear the charges, he ran through the courtroom and crashed through the closed window. Belmer ran to the river and jumped in, but cops caught him and brought him back. He pled guilty to the escape and no contest to the burglary, was sentenced to two years in prison, let out on parole, and forgotten.

An anonymous tip drastically changed everyone's perception of Belmer. Police and Maine DEA were informed he was dealing cocaine on a major scale: supposedly, there was an eight-pound stash of cocaine buried in Belmer's grandmother's backyard. Agents dug up the package and went to arrest Belmer. That attempt failed again; he ran, this time into the woods. The continuous search proved futile - Belmer was gone.

He went to Florida first, then drove a stolen car to Colorado. When a Colorado trooper stopped him for speeding, Belmer again refused to surrender. He jumped out of the car, pushed the trooper to the ground and fled - into a cornfield. He stole yet another truck in Colorado, drove it back to Kansas, abandoned it, and stole another vehicle, which contained two handguns and some ammunition. Now Belmer was armed.

He planned to go to Canada, and broke into a woman's home, planning to make her drive him to the Canadian border. When a friend knocked on her door, the woman took advantage of the distraction to escape and run for help. By the time police arrived, Belmer was running away, too. He jumped into a neighbor's car, but as luck would have it, the car was up on blocks at the time. As Belmer revved the engine in vain, an officer broke the window and dragged him out. After another scuffle, Belmer, the dangerous drug dealer of major caliber, was finally caught.