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Friendly Waitress

Hazel Head was a friendly woman. She worked as a waitress at local greasy spoon diners frequented by truck drivers. She made sure to feed them well and generally made their stop feel like a home away from home. The truckers loved Hazel. She hung out at truck stops and often traveled with them to make their time on the road pleasurable as well. She was just so much fun, drinking and smoking heavily, not to be outdone by the men, and loved to frequent the casinos. The petite redhead with sultry hazel eyes loved the company of men and always welcomed the opportunity to meet new companions. Placing personal ads was her favorite activity, and she was pretty successful, never without a date.

Hazel Head, also known as Hazel Morgan, Willow Sheilds, Hazel Foley, Kelly Morgan, Hazel Spurbeck, Hazel Haynes, Hazel Vincent, Deianna Ray, Hazel Woodman, Hazel Fatuch, Treasa "Tess" Jean Coyle, and Treasa "Tess" Venable has been on the run from the law for over eighteen years. She is wanted for arson in Nebraska and murder in Louisiana. The victims are men she met through personal ads.

Hazel first caught the attention of the police in 1991, when she robbed and set fire to the home of her then-live-in boyfriend in Lincoln, NE. She was gone from the crime scene before the police had a chance to catch up with her, until another unfortunate man became her next victim. That time Hazel Head proved lethal.

In September of 1998, police in Benton, LA discovered the body of Charles Barker with a bullet lodged in the back of his head five days after his death. His home was cleaned of all the money and other valuables, and his car was gone. Before long, detectives identified the suspect - Barker's new live-in girlfriend, Deianna Ray, whom he met through a personal ad - whose real identity was soon matched with that of Hazel Head through evidence and fingerprints. And again, the 'black widow' seemed to have disappeared into thin air.

Nobody knows how many more unsuspecting men found their demise in the arms of Hazel Head, or who may be next. Although she is now almost sixty years old, it's hard to say if her man-hunting career is over. Police warn men who answer personal ads to beware of the deadly traps set by Hazel Head.