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Sunday School Teacher

Paul Rodgers was a devout Christian. He regularly went to church and was very knowledgeable about the bible, quoting many verses by heart. He enjoyed in-depth discussions about biblical issues and participated in numerous debates. Paul attended bible studies and helped teach children's Sunday school.

Paul must have been a pretty enigmatic individual, because he was also passionate about the occult. He dressed in black and wore a cross with a snake running through it around his neck. His t-shirts always featured images of Satan and blood, and he was fascinated by death, cemeteries and struggles between God and Satan.

Paul Rodgers was very Internet-savvy and liked to use his web cam to meet both men and women on chat sites. He was very proud of his long dark hair, and his green eyes and delicate features completed the impression of almost feminine beauty. Depending on whom he was interested in on a particular day, he himself would appear on those sites dressed as either a man or a woman.

What Rodgers was really after, both online and in everyday life, was insinuating himself into the lives of innocent children. This predator tried hard to get involved in children's activities which enabled him to take advantage of their trust.

In 2005, police in Graves County, KY responded to a complaint from an 8-year-old girl that her mother's boyfriend, Paul Rodgers, had assaulted and raped her. Rodgers fled before the deputies could arrest him, and had been on the run ever since. The devastated mother wrote a letter to America's Most Wanted, pleading for help with putting away the dangerous man who traumatized her daughter. She also sent a CD-ROM, filled with disturbing images allegedly taken off of Rodgers' computer. The U. S. Marshals who investigated the case concluded that Rodgers is a sadist.

Rodgers has always been obsessed with Memphis and police followed the trail that suggested he had gone there. By the time they got there, Rodgers had moved on again. From the people interviewed in Memphis, the cops found out that Rodgers was on his way to Seattle, and that he usually stayed at church shelters and other nonprofit charity housing. In June of 2007 police apprehended Paul Rodgers at a homeless shelter in downtown Seattle. He is now safely behind bars.