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False Accusations Don't Help

Published Date: Dec. 29, 2010
by: Timothy McClanahan

The ongoing case of the "Kensington Strangler" in Philadelphia, PA, has had unpleasant repercussions for one man, after someone set up a Facebook account accusing him of being the perpetrator of the series of four murders and four sexual assaults. The man was cleared by police after a DNA test, but with fears at a fever pitch, the outcome could have been dire for the falsely accused man.

The police are unsure of the motive for the accusation, and have not yet released whether they know the identity of the person that created the Facebook profile, but say that by releasing his name, address, and photo along with the accusation, the person may be in for some legal trouble. Police speculated the person may have had a vendetta against the man.

While the police look for the real Kensington Strangler, the local populace is being wary and keeping a close eye out on everyone around them. Nobody wants to be the next victim, but many would also obviously like to be the one who leads police to the real killer; even aside from the $30,000 reward, it would be a great thing to have helped apprehend this vicious killer.

False accusations, however, not only don't help the police, they actually hurt their efforts. Wasting the time of the police is akin to helping the real guilty party avoid justice, and can be a criminal offense in itself in the case of filing false police reports.

If you're unsure of someone, run a background check on them first to see if there's any history of a criminal past. You can run a background check online in just a few minutes, and find out if that suspicious-looking neighbor has something to hide or not - and whether you should waste the time of the police during which every moment of their time counts.

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