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A Sociable Teddy Bear

Many people in Gary, Indiana knew and liked Larry Burns. The bearded man had an outgoing, highly social personality and a hearty laugh. When he showed up in local bars, he became the center of attention. Larry had many hobbies. He loved and devotedly trained his Rottweiler, liked to hunt and fish and enjoyed the outdoors. He was also quite an accomplished video game player. Larry was famous for his mechanical skills and worked in the steel industry.

It was quite a different Larry Burns who in May of 1986 murdered his wife and attempted to murder his mother-in-law. When in March of that year he had beaten his wife severely, she left him and had been living with her mother, severing all ties with Burns. Two months later, he suddenly showed up at their house with two guns and began to chase his mother-in-law, shooting multiple shots at her as she tried to get away. When she'd managed to escape outside through the front door, Burns sent two more bullets after her, but decided to pursue his primary target. He proceeded to the upstairs bedroom, where he shot his wife twice in the head, killing her instantly. The last anyone saw Larry Burns was when he walked out of the house, carrying his guns, and calmly walked away, a vision of composed satisfaction.

It has now been 22 years, and Larry Burns is nowhere to be found. He is now close to 60 years old. Police believe he may either be in Montana or Canada.