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A Background Check May Have Prevented the Next Wife's Murder

Young beautiful women, do any of you find yourselves attracted to dirty old men? There is no accounting for tastes, but haven't you ever wondered about him, his shady past and strange relationship patterns? Is it that he is a proverbial father figure and is in the position of power that lulls you into a false sense of security? Never let that fool you! At least, not until you obtain a clean background check. You must learn as much about this person's past as you can - before you allow him to ruin or even take your life!

Let's discuss the recent media darling turned murderer, 55-year-old Drew Peterson of Bolingbrook, Illinois. The man is a former police sergeant of nearly 30 years; yet another honorable pillar of the community charged with a heinous crime: first-degree murder of an ex-wife (or possibly two).

After his fourth wife, 23-year-old Stacy Peterson disappeared without a trace in 2007, Drew Peterson became a primary suspect. He has yet to be charged with her murder as the investigation is still underway. However, the circumstances have caused the police to exhume the body of his third ex, whose death was originally pronounced an accident. Of course they found that it wasn't. Kathleen was killed during her divorce from Peterson. Not surprisingly (or very surprisingly - depends on the way you look at it) Peterson found the body and remained at the scene, acting as a policeman. In spite of bloody head wounds and an empty tub, the cause of death was reported as accidental drowning.

Peterson has made quite a high-profile tabloid career for himself using his fourth wife's disappearance, in spite of the fact that the case is being treated as a possible homicide with him as the primary suspect. But it appears he has a uniquely narcissistic personality; as one of his still-living ex-wives put it, Peterson is "a legend in his own mind". Sadly, for a while he seemed to have had everyone convinced of that, too. He kept succeeding in luring in one beautiful young woman after another. In fact, at the time of his arrest for the "drowning" of his third ex-wife, he was about to elope to Vegas with 24-year-old wife-to-be #5.

Haven't these young women heard of a background check? Granted, Peterson has not been convicted yet, but one would think there are plenty of suspicious factors in his past to raise quite a few eyebrows: all those marriages, consistent drastic age differences, related deaths and disappearances. All of it put together, his dating profile just doesn't look very enticing to most women. Luckily for the rest of the naive young girls out there, Peterson is not likely to go free, much less marry, ever again.

A Doting Mother

Somewhere out there, possibly in Texas, Alicia Banuelos and her daughter Lyric, now a teenager, live a quiet, wholesome life. They go to church every Sunday and spend free time communing with relatives in the area. Alicia is a doting mother and likes to know where Lyric is at all times. She speaks poor English, and the girl is very obliging in helping her mother to get around. Mother and daughter are inseparable, but Alicia worries that the time is nearing when Lyric will want to spread her wings, explore life away from her, and then ...

Then she may possibly contact her father in Chicago, and the authorities will inevitably follow her trail. For ten years now, police have been searching for Alicia Banuelos, who murdered her newborn child, and subsequently kidnapped her then-four-year-old daughter.

Banuelos and her husband were about to divorce, when she discovered she was pregnant with their second child. It was a heavy blow to her already strained psyche, and she turned her anger and resentment at the unborn baby. She somehow managed to keep her pregnancy a secret from everyone. In April of 1997, Alicia Banuelos quietly gave birth alone in the bathroom of her own home, and left the newborn to drown in the toilet. The family found her on the bed in blood-soaked clothes and rushed her to the hospital, but it was too late to save the baby.

Pending the murder trial scheduled to begin in October of 1999, she was allowed limited supervised visits with Lyric. During one such visit at a large shopping mall in Schaumburg, IL, just two days prior to the trial date, Banuelos disappeared with her little girl. Lyric has not seen her father for ten years, spending most of her life on the run with her mother. Alicia Banuelos is now 40 years old, and police believe she and Lyric may have been living with relatives in El Paso, Texas.