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The Holy Crusader

Timothy Thomas Coombs was a highly respected religious leader in McDonald County, MO. The right hand of Pastor Robert Joos of the Sacerdotal Order of the David Company, he held the title of Ambassador. He liked to refer to himself as a "Nazarite". Coombs was considered very intelligent by the locals. He was a prominent figure and his appearance fit his reputation. He wore wire-rimmed glasses, thick sideburns, and his hazel eyes shone with pure religious fervor. He took special care with his clothing, always wearing religious lace or fringe around his shirt and pant cuffs.

When in 1994, police discovered an impressive arsenal of assault weapons, ammunition and dynamite on the premises of Sacerdotal Order of the David Company, Pastor Joos went to prison for three years. Timothy Coombs openly vowed revenge on the arresting officer, State Trooper Bobby Harper. He began to practice shooting, inadvertently lodging a bullet in his neighbor's horse.

On September 16, 1994, Coombs was lying in wait by Bobby's house, where the officer was convalescing after a liver transplant. When a chance presented itself, Coombs shot Bobby Harper in the stomach, destroying his new liver. Although Harper had survived the shooting, he soon died after another operation. The bullet removed from Bobby Harper's body matched the bullet found in Coombs' neighbor's horse.

Timothy Coombs had disappeared, leaving behind a collection of survivalist equipment and separatist propaganda. He is still at large. Police believe he may be in Idaho. He is likely associated with a religious cult, such as Citizens of the Kingdom of Christ, and white supremacy groups. Coombs is considered armed and dangerous. He is now about 50 years old.