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Not a Typical Surfer

The locals and tourists in Oahu, Hawaii all knew and loved Reinier Kraan. He was the life of every beach party, every luau. An avid surfer, Reinier often attracted admiring crowds to the shore, watching him expertly tame the ferocious waves. He looked the part - long and wavy blond hair, chiseled musculature, green eyes bright as emeralds against deeply tanned skin - attracting throngs of female admirers. The best surprise was that when the ladies got to know the local hero, they discovered a very intelligent and articulate counterpart, very pleasant company indeed. Reinier enjoyed his popularity with the fair sex, and his frequent, copious escapades were legendary in Oahu and beyond.

In the summer of '98, Reinier Kraan was also high on the most wanted list as the area's largest, most infamous crystal meth dealer, trafficking huge quantities from California. The police staged a sting operation, but Kraan got tipped off and escaped with several pounds of meth, continuing to distribute without skipping a beat. When police searched his living quarters, they also found an extensive arsenal of assault weapons and explosives, which Kraan, a previously convicted felon, was prohibited from possessing.

The police had been on the hunt for Kraan for six years, finally getting tipped by a California source that he was in Las Vegas. In July of '04, police spotted Reinier Kraan and his current girlfriend in Las Vegas, Nevada. Kraan, now in his 40s, looked significantly different. He now had short brown hair and had put on some weight. A search of his home resulted in a seizure of over a million dollars' worth of marijuana plants, but Kraan never returned. Forewarned once again of authorities closing in, Kraan got in his car and headed for Canada. The chase continued through Nevada, Utah and Idaho, where finally the police caught up with the elusive Reinier Kraan. The prolonged search was now over and another dangerous criminal was at last behind bars.