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A Quiet Family

Richard Boucher and his wife Debbie lived in a small mobile home community, on a remote road about five miles north of Chatsworth, GA. Their home was situated in a valley between the mountain ridges of Chattahoochee National Forest. The Bouchers were quiet, private people, and although they've lived in the area for 27 years, they mostly kept to themselves. Richard supported his family taking odd maintenance jobs for cash. The Bouchers had raised a daughter, now 25. Strangely enough, she never knew her parents as anything other than Eric and Debbie Coleman. Something seems amiss here, doesn't it?

It never occurred to any of their neighbors to question things and run a background check on this family. If they did, they might have found out that Richard Paul Boucher had escaped from the Chesapeake, VA prison in 1982. He was serving a 10-year sentence for robbery, but the couple had other plans. After his wife helped him escape, they sold their car for cash and just walked. They slept under the cover of the virginal woods and walked through two states, until they came to Northern Georgia and made it their home.

On May 13, 2009, 56-year-old Boucher was arrested on a fugitive warrant in Murray County, along the Tennessee line; 53-year-old Debbie Boucher was arrested and charged with hindering apprehension of a criminal.

The above account is based on a true story. Background checks protect peaceful citizens from being deceived and/or harmed by a cunning criminal.

A Spotless Butcher

Not many people knew Raimundo Barboza Neto from Sandy Springs, Georgia intimately, but those who did, agreed that he was a pretty unique individual. Originally from Brazil, Raimundo kept close to what he knew and rarely left the Brazilian community, mostly patronizing local restaurants and stores. Not surprisingly, he spoke very little English, but rumor had it he was also barely literate in Portuguese. Raimundo zealously amassed cash, yet peculiar fellow that he was, never entrusted his wealth to a bank. He was a loner who liked and preferred his own company, and was very quiet in public, a gentle giant with a shy smile. His size and physical strength made him a good fit for his occupation - a butcher - but contrary to stereotypes, Raimundo Barboza Neto always appeared spotlessly clean and precisely organized.

On September 9, 2006, Barboza Neto flew into an uncharacteristically uncontrollable rage and butchered his ex-wife 10 days after their divorce became final, stabbing her to death multiple times. Little is known about their five-year marriage, except that during its course Raimundo became less and less interested in his wife and obsessed with gay pornography.

Immediately following the murder, Barboza coerced a coworker into driving him to Greenville, South Carolina and buying a Greyhound ticket to Boston, Massachusetts. During that time, he also confessed to killing his ex-wife. The police have doubts whether he actually boarded the bus to Boston, but believe that whatever his location, he continues to hide out in a Brazilian community. An urgent plea addressed to all U.S. residents of Brazilian origin encourages them to step forward with any knowledge of Barboza Neto's whereabouts.