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Free Background Check Resources: Florida News

With a Background Check for Everyone, We Can Protect Our Children

John Walsh of America's Most Wanted appeared on CNN today in connection with a sensationally successful Operation Orange Tree in the State of Florida. While orange trees are the state's main natural resource, children are even more precious. The operation is Florida's first mass statewide effort in the seizure of child pornographers. As a result, dozens of computers with hard drives overflowing with child porn were seized, and 77 men accused of its downloading and distribution.

The Florida Department of Law Enforcement (FDLE) is now armed with brand-new secret software. It's so secret they won't say much more about it, and so powerful pedophiles will never sleep well again. The amazing new technology can quickly identify wireless routers and illegal files on the Internet, and traces the computer to the owner's front door.

That's exactly what they did in Florida. The majority of the children portrayed in the seized files have been identified and rescued. It's only a matter of time before other states follow suit and sweep child predators off the cyber-streets. However, as parents we can't afford to wait. The schools and other child-focused organizations make sure every individual on premises has passed a background check. We can do the same.

Have you investigated every private nanny or teacher you've hired for your children? Are you positive every one of those people has a clean past? Then what's the harm in doing one online, just in case? Find out who the friends are your teens talk to on MySpace - they may not be very friendly, or even who they say they are. What about your neighbors? Your children often have sleepovers with their children. Will they or their parents pass a background check?

It's simple, inexpensive, fast and may - and often does - protect children and even save lives. Run a quick background check on everyone who could possibly harm your children; they will thank you for it.

A Cosmopolitan Charmer

Rachid Benaissa is a man of considerable allure and sophistication. He has lived in France and Algiers before settling in the U. S. in the '80s, and is fluent in French. His English is effortless, with a trace of a French accent. Well educated and suave, Rachid is quite a connoisseur of music, literature, food and wine. He is also passionate and knowledgeable about European cars; in the '90s, Rachid was making a good living as a mechanic in Hollywood, Florida. His Mediterranean looks and temperament had earned him a swooning throng of female admirers, but Rachid only had eyes for Patricia.

Sadly, Patricia no longer shared Benaissa's sentiments after getting to know him better. Having dated him on and off for six months, she was trying to break it off and get away from his possessiveness and explosive temper, fueled by frequent use of cocaine. On June 6, 1996, Rachid Benaissa paid Patricia a visit at the real estate office where she worked, and following a loud, explosive argument, shot her multiple times, as her stunned coworkers dialed 911. He quickly ran out and drove off in a red convertible before police arrived on the scene. Patricia was in her early 30s.

It has been 12 years, and Benaissa is still at large and considered an international fugitive. Police believe he may have been living in Canada, then France and Algiers. Rachid Benaissa is now almost 60 years old, living out his days in cosmopolitan splendor.