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A Good Provider

James Cooke was a family man. According to his live-in girlfriend, he was loving and patient with her and her kids, a hard worker, a good provider, and an all-around fun guy. James liked to bring home gifts for the family and enjoyed playing his music and video games with his friends. He liked to talk about the day he'd make enough money to take them all on a long trip around the world. They teased him that on his pay it'll probably take a while before they could do that.

It was a very different James Cooke who was featured in the "wanted" posters that appeared all over Wilmington, Delaware in May of 2005. This man terrorized female students from the University of Delaware. Cooke started small, breaking into an apartment of two roommates and stealing an ATM card without harming the girls. This only served to whet his appetite, because the very next night he broke into another girl's off-campus apartment. This time, however, he brutally raped his victim and strangled her to death, subsequently torching her apartment to cover his tracks. He left some cryptic writing on the wall, the meaning of which is yet to be deciphered or revealed by the police.

James Cooke was apprehended thanks to a tip from an acquaintance who recognized him from the bank surveillance photos taken when he attempted to withdraw the money with the stolen ATM card. His shocked and heartbroken girlfriend confirmed his involvement in the burglary, having seen him in possession of stolen items.

Cops arrested Cooke on June 7, 2005 on burglary charges, hoping the same perpetrator was responsible for the vicious murder that horrified the community and kept them up at night. The DNA from the bodily fluids left at the scene matched Cooke's DNA.