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Clark's Background Check May Explain Tragedy in New Haven

The odd and unfortunate murder of Yale graduate student Annie Le, has left many wondering about the background of the accused man: 24 year old Raymond Clark III. One of Clark's former girl friends, Jessica Del Rocco, claimed that Clark would get "very angry often" and that "he'd just fly off the handle". While Clark is still innocent until proven guilty, Del Rocco's testimony and additional evidence including DNA are strong indicators as to why he has been charged with the murder. In the wake of such a tragic event, one wonders if there could have been anything done to prevent the murder from occurring. - more info -

Caring Mother of Two

Patty Carrion worked at a convalescent home, demonstrating diligence and compassion suitable to her job. She was also a dedicated, loving mother of twin toddler daughters, one of whom required frequent medical care and a respiratory device. The petite, attractive Hispanic brunette living in the quiet Connecticut community appeared shy and mostly kept to herself.

Others who may have seen her around would have described having seen a scrawny teenage boy, a frail old lady, a bag lady in ratty hats and baggy clothes, or a drag queen in varying wigs and theatrical makeup.

Her transformations were inspired by the need to remain incognito as the notorious cocaine dealer and user with a prior assault conviction in Hartford, CT, and a member of two dangerous street gangs.

On September 20, 1995, in plain view of catatonic witnesses at a quiet Meriden park, Patty Carrion added attempted murder to her growing list of crimes. She assaulted and shot a young Hispanic man whom she perceived was trespassing on her territory. Screaming irately, she shot him point-blank in the chest, and continued shooting as he tried to escape, until he collapsed, having been hit four times.

The victim miraculously survived, but the last anyone has seen of Carrion was when she was fleeing the crime scene on foot, after tossing the .32 caliber gun in the trunk of her car parked nearby. Meriden police seized the car and the contents of its trunk. Along with the weapon, they found 82 packets of cocaine. According to the police, this has been Patty's third shooting. They believe she circulates within the tri-state area, and is possibly in New York. It has now been eight years, and Patty Carrion remains at large.