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A Caring Boyfriend

If one asked the neighbors at the apartment complex in Lakewood, CO, they would have characterized Matthew Caulk as a friendly, hard-working man, always eager to help little old ladies with grocery bags. 16-year-old Amber saw Matthew as her charming savior. She lived in the same complex, and the two met at the community pool. Amber felt misunderstood by her family, and Matthew was as supportive and loving as can be.

Unbeknownst to Amber, 40-year-old Matthew Caulk was a dangerous criminal who has committed sexual crimes against minors before, and was now on the run from the law. Matthew was a notorious sex offender who was wanted in Montana for failure to register. finding Caulk became a real emergency to Colorado police when Amber ran away from home after being last seen with Matthew, and hadn't contacted her parents in weeks. The new warrant in Colorado for failure to register as a sex offender was the least of his worries.

Thankfully, police received an anonymous tip that the couple had been seen in public together, and was cohabitating in Morrison, CO. Caulk was arrested at the address, where the police also found the runaway teenage girl and returned her to her family, luckily unharmed.