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Shy Southern Casanova

Calvin Bennett was quite a heartbreaker. He was a prolific internet dater, enjoying success with quite a few young ladies. He seemed to have had a sweetheart in almost every state he passed through, and Calvin Bennett did get around. No surprise there - the 28-year old man was quite a looker: big blue eyes, full pouty mouth, a sexy goatee. Even his screen name - ShySothernGuy80 - was so charmingly vulnerable, a real chick magnet. His latest conquest was an 18-year old college student named Andrea, whom he met online almost three weeks ago. On the night in question the love birds were enjoying a private interlude at Andrea's parents' house in Rothschild, Wisconsin, with Calvin's gray Chevy Silverado pick-up truck parked in the driveway.

He stole the truck after brutally murdering a helpless elderly couple. Calvin Bennett is wanted for the 2 counts of murder committed in Nashville, Arkansas on October 30, 2006. He had previously vanished, violating probation for car theft. Then, in the fall of 2006, unbeknownst to Ben and Mary O'Dell, Bennett had made his home in their barn, hatching a plan to rob them. Rob them he did, but not until after he killed them. He shot them both in the head with their own gun, tied their legs to a 4-wheeler, and dragged the still alive couple face down over rocky ground, dumping the bodies away from their home. He then returned to the house, cleaned up, took the O'Dells' wallet, purse and car, and left.

It was Calvin Bennett's love of women and online dating that had become his undoing. It was only a matter of time before someone tipped off the Arkansas State Police about talking to Bennett on a dating Web site, where the cops were able to positively identify his picture. The owner of the dating service was very helpful, providing the police with all the information necessary to identify the exact location of the computer from which Bennett was doing his romancing: a Salvation Army in Steven's Point, Wisconsin. Tracking him down to his date's house nearby was a snap. On the eve of November 12, when police apprehended the unsuspecting Bennett, he was too stunned to put up a fight, and confessed to having committed the murders.