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A Jolly Good Fella

Michael Mordenti was hailed "a good citizen" and "a significant witness for the government" by the FBI agent whom Mordenti had assisted in arresting a bank robber in 1991. Mordenti identified the bank surveillance photos of the robber, and provided important information on his whereabouts. Others once knew Michael Mordenti as a divorced St. Petersburg car salesman, a quiet, unassuming middle-aged man who loved boats.

A article from The Associated Press from July 31, 2008, states that during the same year, Michael Mordenti was convicted of first-degree murder and spent the next 14 years on death row. However, he was recently retried and released based on a technicality. According to the prosecution, the husband of the victim hired Mordenti to kill his wife. Later, suffering from a guilty conscience, the husband killed himself, but not before he confided in his attorney that "prosecutors had convicted the wrong man". However obvious it was that he was implicating himself as the real guilty party, an appeals court ordered a new trial. As a result, Mordenti struck a deal: he pleaded guilty to second-degree murder, got credit for the time already served, and went free.

Mordenti was released July 25, 2008, and immediately boarded a plane for Alaska: a strange move for a supposedly innocent man. Michael Mordenti apparently intends to bury his dangerous past and criminal record in the remote Alaskan wilderness and start an anonymous new life. Who is his next unsuspecting victim?