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Videogame-Loving Veteran Enjoys Hunting

Videogame-fan Kenneth Mikolon is a 12-year veteran of the U.S. Army, and used his training to become a skilled outdoorsman who enjoys camping in the wilderness. Mikolon was released from the Army on disability for a bad back, for which he must take medication.

39-year-old Mikolon is also on the run, accused of repeatedly sexually abusing a teenage girl since she was a young girl. Mikolon faces 18 counts of sexual abuse of the Grafton, W.Va. teenager. Mikolon did not appear at his October 8, 2008 court date, and left a letter for his family saying he had no plans to return. Evidence was found indicating he intended to escape into the wilderness, including several thousand dollars of survival gear. One of the more extreme items was a body stapler to close up wounds.

Mikolon has a long history of camping, and family members have told authorities he is capable of surviving alone in the wilderness, and that he has camped extensively throughout North Carolina, Maine and Michigan. He is thoroughly familiar with the trails in these areas, though Maine is his favorite camping area.

Family members have also told deputies that he is extremely controlling and manipulative. Mikolon left a letter for his family stating that his going on the run was an inspiration from God. "I am going for a ride and as of yet do not know where I am headed," he wrote, adding that he could not imagine "spending a minute in jail for a crime I did not commit."

His last known vehicle is a dark green 2007 Ford F-150 pickup truck. Possible locations for Mikolon include the states he has camped in, as well as North Carolina. He has known associates in New Mexico and Alabama.

Deputies say that, in addition to the body stapler, the survival gear he purchased before leaving includes a body hammock, inflatable sleeping bags, a tent, first aid kits, and a holographic weapon sight.