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The Man Who Cried Balloon?

In one of the more bizarre news stories of the year, the now infamous "Balloon Boy" story quickly evolved from potential tragedy to complete hoax. As the story develops, the more we learn about Richard Henne's background, the more apparent it has become that it was a ploy to get back in the lime light. His story unraveled rather quickly, and it didn't take reporters and investigators very long to perform a background check on Henne and start questioning him about everything in his past, from his previous television appearances on Wife Swap, to why no one in the family could locate their son who was hiding in their home. While thankfully no one was hurt, Richard Henne could be in serious legal trouble for, among other things, filing a false police report.

In a rather odd grab for fame, Richard Henne is an example for how a seemingly normal family man can have some surprising faults. Due to the unusual set of circumstances, including an admission of guilt from one of the sons, the case of the Balloon Boy was rather quickly identified as a hoax; however had an adequate background check not been done, the case could have appeared much different.

While the average person isn't necessarily likely to alert authorities to another weather balloon-related incident, if you suspect that something may be off, you may want to try a free background check of your own. The average person meets new people all the time and if Richard Henne has shown us anything, it's that you can never be too sure who the next Balloon Boy may be.

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