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Is Your Facebook Profile Affecting Your Employee Background Check?

Published Date: 05-11-2010
By: Background Check Gateway staff

Employee background checks are a common practice among HR recruiters. Whether it's a detailed search of a person's past or phoning a reference, performing a thorough employee background check is vital to finding out if a person is a good fit for your company. In addition to the traditional tasks of phoning references and performing a criminal background check, recruiters are utilizing social media, specifically Facebook, to find out additional information that isn't found on a resume.

In a recent survey commissioned by Microsoft, they reported that 70 percent of recruiters and hiring managers have rejected an applicant based on information found online. Microsoft also reported that 79 percent of US hiring managers have used the Internet to better asses a candidate, a trend that is likely to continue given the growth of social media sites like Facebook and Twitter across all age groups.

While the merits of what's found on a social media profile in relation to a person's qualifications are debatable, it's safe to assume that anything you would hesitate to show a stranger is probably something a recruiter would object to during an employee background check. If you're in the process of applying for jobs, be proactive and make sure to run your own free background check to see what others might find. Keep in mind that not everything found on social networking sites is bad, so try updating your web presence to better reflect what makes you a qualified candidate.

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