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Consider a Background Check Before Your Office Romance

Responding to various rumors and reports regarding the popular show "The Bachelor", host Chris Harrison recently addressed the media, confirming that a producer and contestant engaged in a relationship during this past season. While the circumstances which in this case entailed a contestant on a dating show are unusual, reported that 40% of workers have dated a co-worker and that at least 10% of coworkers currently work with someone they would like to date. Proving that romance can happen just about anywhere, the background of most office romances often starts with a happy hour or working late at the office.

Mixing your job and your love life is always risky, as 7% of correspondents reported they had left a job due to an office romance. If you decide to take the plunge with a coworker, consider a professional background check. Sure, you may know what your love interest does professionally, but he or she may have an entirely different life outside the office. Unlike other people searches, a professional background check aggregates data from across multiple platforms and can include anything from past addresses and relatives to a social network profile.

Making an informed decision is always a wise choice, so why leave anything to chance? Consider performing a thorough background check should you want to find out more about a romantic interest.

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