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Clark's Background Check May Explain Tragedy in New Haven

The odd and unfortunate murder of Yale graduate student Annie Le, has left many wondering about the background of the accused man: 24 year old Raymond Clark III. One of Clark's former girl friends, Jessica Del Rocco, claimed that Clark would get "very angry often" and that "he'd just fly off the handle". While Clark is still innocent until proven guilty, Del Rocco's testimony and additional evidence including DNA are strong indicators as to why he has been charged with the murder. In the wake of such a tragic event, one wonders if there could have been anything done to prevent the murder from occurring.

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Tragedies such as in New Haven, CT are nearly impossible to predict, but that doesn't mean there were no signs or indications that something was amiss. As the story develops, questions as to why it happened will likely be answered. Hopefully some kind of understanding will occur from looking at Clark's background that may help prevent future tragedies.

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