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Veteran Cop Falsified New Hire's Background Check

This scandal has recently erupted at one of Rochester, NY police departments. It appears that a police sergeant has been suspended for forging important records. Somehow, it always feels like more of a betrayal when the very protective force we are taught to trust and respect trips up and trips us up with it.

Schumer's Child Protection Improvement Act: Fast, Cheap and Thorough Background Check for All

This week, the proponents of background checks in New York have received excellent news. A U. S. Senator is determined to change the inadequate laws that have failed to protect children from out-of-state sexual predators. Senator Schumer's Child Protection Improvement Act was born out of dire necessity: just in the last four years, 30 teachers in Suffolk County alone were convicted of sexual abuse against students.

Arizona School Officials Implement the Most Thorough Background Check in the Country

The Tanque Verde Unified School District in Arizona is going through difficult times. The district officials have just discovered - to their utter horror - that the now-former Superintendent Albert Thomas "Tom" Rogers, 51, is under a special investigation by the U. S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement. Last week, its agents apprehended Rogers at the U.S. - Mexico border, south of Yuma.

A Background Check is the Last Resort in a Battle against this Peeping Tom

Today brings us more disturbing news on the forefront of child protection and safety. The incident in question had occurred in Sheboygan, WI. It involves a local 31-year-old peeping tom and a teenage girl. The man had hidden a webcam in a heat vent and recorded the unsuspecting girl undressing in what she thought was the privacy of her bedroom. The teenager he'd been filming - a family friend - had accidentally discovered the shocking videos of herself on the peeping tom's computer, while visiting his family home. His own wife reported him to the police, insisting they arrest him for being "a pervert".

A Background Check Would Have Revealed a Heinous Monster Before His Hatred Caused Death

We have all had a glimpse of the 88-year-old white supremacist who murdered the security guard at the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum. Most of us recoiled in disgust having first heard about James von Brunn and his crimes against humanity. The media continues to reveal new layers of his repugnant hobbies, wish as we might that they wouldn't. Now the FBI has announced they found child pornography on his computer during the search of his home.

Belated Background Check Catches Up With Child Murderess

Last week, the city of Austin, TX celebrated Lori Adams, one of its beloved famous citizens. One of world's oldest female pilots alive today has been flying for over 60 years. Not only did she fly over 29,000 miles, she had owned a pilot school in the area for many years, teaching others to fly. The local paper interviewed 81-year-old Lori Adams for the commemorative front-page feature article loved by all.

Two Background Checks are Better Than One

The Executive Director of the Boys and Girls Clubs (BGC) of the Mississippi Valley is in the hot seat today. In spite of her reassurances as to their serious approach to candidate pre-employment screening, a former program aide in Davenport, IA was arrested for alleged inappropriate physical contact with three children under the age of ten.

With a Background Check for Everyone, We Can Protect Our Children

John Walsh of America's Most Wanted appeared on CNN today in connection with a sensationally successful Operation Orange Tree in the State of Florida. While orange trees are the state's main natural resource, children are even more precious. The operation is Florida's first mass statewide effort in the seizure of child pornographers. As a result, dozens of computers with hard drives overflowing with child porn were seized, and 77 men accused of its downloading and distribution.

NYPD Gave Weapons to Civic Patrol Volunteers with Criminal History - without a Background Check

The following news story could have been an episode right out of The Gangs of New York, were it filmed today ... Except in contemporary New York City, or rather across the bridge in the Brooklyn neighborhood of Crown Heights, the gang is of a slightly unexpected variety, and the story has an unfortunate, if predictable twist.

Not Sure You Can Pass a Background Check? Go Work For NASA!

Would you believe me if I told you that NASA's premier robotic exploration lab is legally barred from conducting background checks on employees? Well, believe it. Whoever even heard of getting a job these days without passing a background check? That goes for just about any job, let alone a job at a top-secret NASA research lab!

Mayor's Right Hand Removed Regardless of Clean Background Check

The Mayor-Elect Suttle of Omaha, NE has not enjoyed smooth sailing since stepping into his new position. His problems involve his trusted campaign consultant since 2005 and current Community Chief of Staff. Well, actually, Matt Samp will no longer be the Mayor's right hand or any kind of hand at all. What's the big to-do all about? Frankly, it's not good, and the new Mayor had no idea.

Minnesota Nurse's Future Background Check Will Reveal a Theft Conviction

A 40-year-old nursing assistant was suspected of stealing money while she was employed at a nursing home in Winnebago, MN. She was charged with misdemeanor theft after stealing money from residents and employees and admitting to it during police questioning. The woman pled guilty in court and faces three months in jail and a $1000 fine. However, her real troubles are just about to begin.

Never Trust a Babysitter Without a Background Check

Renesha Griner may be only 17, but she is known to be responsible and trustworthy. She has been babysitting nine-month-old Saniya Purcell almost since birth, and the two really loved each other. Saniya's mother has known Renesha and her family well - they were all from the small town of Raeford, North Carolina - and trusted her completely. She'd thought the teenager acted far too grown up for her age and spent all her free time babysitting. When Renesha asked the baby's mother if she could take Saniya home with her for two weeks, the mother told her she didn't feel the girl could handle that much responsibility.

Utah to Improve Background Check Process in Public Schools

The recent audit of the background check process at Utah public schools has resulted in findings that were not very comforting to state legislators and school district officials. Audit findings revealed that the current procedures for pre-employment criminal screening have failed to discover applicant criminal records as part of the background check.

A Good Friend

Dennis Capps was a good friend who came to visit with a bunch of other friends. He was just one of the guys sucking on a beer - a fun, loud older man, rough around the edges, tattoos all over, but good-natured and funny.

Attention, California: Never Skip a Background Check!

Liza Gonzalez is the kind of woman one can't easily overlook, even in a city as large as Oklahoma City. She has a striking, charismatic presence and a face as beautiful as an angel's. She has long dark hair and intense brown eyes. There is a charming beauty mark on her cheek. Liza's children look like two beautiful little cherubs, and their mama adores them.

A Quiet Family

Richard Boucher and his wife Debbie lived in a small mobile home community, on a remote road about five miles north of Chatsworth, GA. Their home was situated in a valley between the mountain ridges of Chattahoochee National Forest. The Bouchers were quiet, private people, and although they've lived in the area for 27 years, they mostly kept to themselves. Richard supported his family taking odd maintenance jobs for cash. The Bouchers had raised a daughter, now 25. Strangely enough, she never knew her parents as anything other than Eric and Debbie Coleman. Something seems amiss here, doesn't it?

More Casualties of a Forgone Background Check Surface Years Later

So, the State of Washington has outed another wolf in sheep's clothing: Father Pat O'Donnell. The good father admitted to molesting over 30 young boys during the course of more than 30 years. How did it come out? Two of his victims, now grown men, have come forward and accused him of condemning them to a lifetime of emotional trauma. They claim to have been sexually abused by the priest back in 1976, when both were just twelve-year-old boys.

A Background Check May Have Prevented the Next Wife's Murder

Young beautiful women, do any of you find yourselves attracted to dirty old men? There is no accounting for tastes, but haven't you ever wondered about him, his shady past and strange relationship patterns? Is it that he is a proverbial father figure and is in the position of power that lulls you into a false sense of security? Never let that fool you! At least, not until you obtain a clean background check. You must learn as much about this person's past as you can - before you allow him to ruin or even take your life!

A Mandatory Background Check for Foster Parents is a Very Good Idea

Have you heard? A high-ranking Washington State border patrol official has been charged with three counts of third-degree child rape. Joseph Giuliano, 55-year-old deputy chief of the U.S. Customs and Border Protection, a 20-year veteran, admitted to having an ongoing sexual relationship with his 14-year-old foster child. Mr. and Mrs. Giuliano took the girl in when her parents separated and were unable to care for her. As if this poor kid hasn't been through enough already, she had to tolerate months and months of the dirty old man's disgusting advances. It seems upstanding citizens may also have dark skeletons lurking in their closet.

Say 'Yes' to a Mandatory Background Check for Childcare Providers

Whenever as a result of someone's negligence or oversight a child gets hurt, I lose my cool. I just can't stand it when innocent children are victimized. Let me tell you, lately I've been freaking out a lot.

A Military Hero

David Munis, a big, burly man of 36, was well liked and respected by the townspeople of Cheyenne, WY. He had the powerful aura of a hero about him, what with his background of a military sharpshooter and his desire to join the Wyoming Army National Guard upon honorable discharge. Although wife Robin was the undisputed first love of his life, David's other priority was his passion for nature and wilderness. Whenever possible, he spent several nights away from home, on perilous solitary camping trips that revealed natural sights of unspoken beauty.

Don't Let Anyone Near Your Child Without a Background Check

What makes us trust others? Generally we tend to trust those we know well, those with actions we can predict with relative certainty and that indicate a morally healthy individual. And if we don't know someone that well and need to get closer in a hurry, well then, there is only one method of achieving that goal: a background check.

Daddy's Little Girl

Kayla Marie LaSala was a pretty little waif, barely over five feet tall, with cat-like green eyes and an alluring smile. She was fourteen and intelligent beyond her years. Like most teenagers, she could also be cunning and precocious. Yet she was still such a child! She never slept without her fluffy little black kitty. Kayla lived in Mercer County, West Virginia with her adoring father Steven LaSala. Kayla's mother was no longer around, and Steven was raising his daughter alone. Lately, it had become pretty difficult because the little angel could at times get a bit unruly.

An Overprotective Father

Francisco Sandoval from Delavan, WI was known as a good man who built a comfortable, happy life and home for his family. He was respected as a wise, hard-working patriarch with a large clan. The Sandovals had many children, most now married with their own children, and Francisco was a devoted husband, father and grandfather.

A Strong Father

Ken Freeman is a dashingly handsome man. His bright green eyes stand out against his smoldering black hair and mustache. Ken has a very impressive physique; he is an avid bodybuilder and spends a lot of time at the gym. In fact, Ken Freeman was named "Mr. Eastern Washington Bodybuilder." If that wasn't impressive enough, Ken is a former federal law enforcement officer and reserve Sheriff's Deputy. He is divorced and remarried and has a lovely daughter named Kylie from his first marriage. A very solid, trustworthy man, that Ken Freeman.

A Generous Grandpa

People who met Paul Clouston described him as a charming old man. The 73-year-old looked like someone's benevolent grandfather with snow-white hair, a bushy white mustache yellowing from heavy tobacco use, and watery blue eyes. He was known as a competent handyman and was always fixing something. He especially liked finding old children's bicycles at garage sales, fixing them up and giving them to local kids. Clouston was also passionate about old cars and Honda Gold Wing motorcycles. He was getting up there in years, of course; his eyesight was getting pretty bad, and he had to take medication for prostate problems. His memory was still very sharp though: he never missed an old western movie on TV and remembered minute details about the plot. He also still spoke pretty good Spanish.

The Marrying Man

Michael Reapp has always been a skilled sailor and navigator. He is passionate about boats and all things boating, and has always lived near the ocean. Tanned and healthy, with a booming voice, he loves to fish and entertain friends and family on his boat off the coast of Florida, though it's been over ten years since he's been seen in the local waters.

A Lesson in Effective Background Check Strategies

Officials at the Nashville, TN Public Schools System are still recovering from shock. One of its employees has recently been arrested for outstanding child sex charges. The warrants were accidentally discovered by a highway patrolman who stopped him for a traffic violation. The former high school educational assistant faces a variety of charges: two counts of rape, sexual battery by an authority figure, and attempted sexual battery by an authority figure.

A Beloved Medical Student

Mark Hacking was his family's pride and joy. His parents and siblings always knew Mark was going to be a doctor when he grew up. He was the scholarly type, and everyone looked to him to make it big and provide financial comfort for his growing family. He had recently married, and the family had just found out that Mark and his lovely young wife Lori were expecting their first child. The young couple was about to move to North Carolina, where Mark was admitted to medical school.

Dedicated Music Teacher

Thomas Crumpler was a band teacher working at several high schools in the Lubbock, TX area. The 44-year-old teacher had no family of his own and appeared to have dedicated himself to enriching the children's lives with the precious gift of music. The progress of the young aspiring musicians under his wing was obviously his first priority. Thomas Crumpler even devoted most of his free time to extra practice get-togethers at his home. Parents felt very lucky to have such a skilled musician teach their children and often expressed their gratitude for his enthusiasm.

A Big-Hearted Aunt

Marisol Alvarado was a busy young mother with three children. She devoted most of her free time to her two sons and a daughter, all under the age of five. Marisol's life consisted of cooking, cleaning, laundry, shopping and all the other tasks every homemaker does on a daily basis. The most important duty she faced every day was loving, teaching, wiping off tears and handing out hugs and kisses. In spite of how busy and noisy things could get at the Alvarado home every day, friends and family were welcome to stop by any time: Marisol was a great cook and hostess. Everyone who knew her was used to her always being really busy with her flock, yet somehow managing to do it all.

A Very Good Boy

Michael McAfee's mom recalls her son's childhood with tears of happiness in her eyes. Michael was such a good, smart boy, it seemed. And so handsome too! His red curls, bright blue eyes and milky white skin always got looks and smiles from people. As Michael grew, he did well in school, had an inquisitive mind and great hands for all kinds of work, but like any boy, he occasionally got in trouble.

Mandatory Background Checks for ALL Child Centers in Iowa

Lately, the Anchor Character Training Center in rural Iowa, and consequently all other similar establishments, have attracted serious attention of State legislators. The reason for all that interest? The Center is run by Harvest Baptist Church. Lately, in some people's minds, that is enough to suggest corruption and threatened child safety, while others still place their trust in the highest authority.

A Loving Father

James Roy Hudachek may be only 28 years old, but his friendly personality has earned him many fans his small home town. James was a creative thinker, had a kind heart, and was always ready to help others. He was married to a woman with four children from a previous marriage, and was a patient, caring husband and father, the only one the kids ever knew. In addition to full-time employment, James invested himself as a part-time pastor and spiritual leader, held in high esteem by the local community.

A Reliable Coach

James Bell has myopic blue eyes and wears generic glasses. He has mousy brown hair and a "bowl-cut". A small frame completes the appearance of a very unassuming man, described as "someone who blends in." A typical geek, Bell has a passion for computer repair and technology, and owned a small business in the past. His life's work, however, has been devoted to coaching gymnastics. For years, parents around the country have entrusted James Bell with their children's training and guidance, and nothing could have been more important than that.

The Eternal Star

In the late 1970's, William "Jeff" Komlo was the top quarterback at the University of Delaware. He led his team to the national championship in 1979. His many victories and boyish good looks - piercing blue eyes and a mane of blond curls - won him popularity with the ladies and many devoted fans. In the early 1980's Komlo was still living the dream of a professional football player, first with the Detroit Lions, and later, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. His bright star then began to fade, and Komlo finally retired in 1983.

A Feminine Psychic

David Wayne French, or as most knew him, Zalia Crizta, is transgendered. Zalia wore her brown hair shoulder-length and wore makeup and women's clothing. She never took off her sunglasses, not even inside or at night. Zalia was fascinated with new age spiritual teachings and was closely involved with the like-minded community. She was known to have a psychic gift and made a living offering spiritual and metaphysical guidance and services. She maintained an internet business and had extensive connections on the west coast. In her free time, Zalia enjoyed gardening. She was also an avid cyclist and an expert at fixing bikes.

An Outspoken Activist

Kenneth Cofer was a very unconventional man. He had always been somewhat of an activist, attending all kinds of rallies and protests. Very outgoing and outspoken, Ken was often heard speaking at such public gatherings. He was certainly well-read and intelligent, expressing alternative opinions and enjoying an eccentric lifestyle. A talented drummer and a lover of rock music, Ken played in a local band. He made a living as a skilled carpenter and auto mechanic.

The Innocent Lovebirds

Anyone who had seen Roger Dillon and Nicole (Niki) Boyd together will tell you that this young couple made it hard not to smile. Their angelic fresh faces - Roger's blond, green-eyed innocence and Niki's dark, smoldering beauty - left an impression of sweet lovebirds completely absorbed in each other. The couple had recently moved to Beckley, West Virginia, and it was obvious to their new neighbors that Roger was an adoring boyfriend. He often brought generous gifts for Niki, and they generally enjoyed a pretty lavish lifestyle and appeared very happy together. True to his style, Roger's online ID on MySpace was "King of Hearts". The last time Roger accessed his profile was November 26, 2007, and that's when he changed his mood to "jubilant".

A Hard Worker

Curi Caberi Tapia-Martinez is a good-natured young man in his mid-20s, who grew up in Mexico. Childhood friends describe him as an amiable, happy and friendly guy. He is from a large noisy family, and has many brothers and sisters. He is a loving, respectful son who always tries to help his large struggling family. A few years back, Curi went to the United States. His family knows he works very hard, so he can support them financially. He's returned to Mexico twice since then. When he comes home, it is a cause for a big celebration. Curi never returns empty-handed, and every one of his little siblings receives a gift from America. But he never stays long, and always has to go back soon after. This saddens his family, but they appreciate his sacrifices and the hard work he does for them. Curi is very responsible.

An Upstanding Citizen

Skip Brinkley was a wholesome young man. With sandy blond hair, green eyes, and a goatee, Skip was quite handsome. He had earned the respect of most people who knew him. Skip Brinkley was a U.S. Army veteran; he served in the Infantry in Iraq from 2004 to 2006. Prior to that, he had undergone law enforcement training in North Carolina and served as a police officer from 2001 to 2002. Many local girls would have liked to snag Skip Brinkley for themselves, but he was a family man living with his fiancé and two kids.

A Worldly Man

Yossi Bensadon was quite a multifaceted character. A dark man of slight build, he came across as young and inexperienced, yet he possessed unexpected depth. While in New York, Yossi worked in construction. He was an Israeli national and had served in the Israeli army. For one so young, Yossi was surprisingly religious and observant of Jewish practices and customs. This didn't stop him from thinking of himself as a ladies' man and frequenting nightclubs to meet women. Yossi also enjoyed fishing and camping with friends.

An Upstanding Citizen

Armando Orta was a very friendly man. He appeared very accomplished and prosperous, and most people knew him as a hard-working, exceptionally intelligent individual. Orta owned a successful landscaping business and really enjoyed working outside. He enjoyed the status of a very respectable member of the community. Armando Orta had another passion: he was highly skilled with state-of-the-art computer equipment and programs. He was known to own the latest, most expensive computer hardware on which he ran highly advanced, intricate software not easily accessible to the typical person.

A Respected Physician

The Kelley family is what one may imagine as an ideal family. They are friendly, refined and wholesome. The Kelleys often travel on humanitarian missions to Central and South America.

Just an Average Guy

Those who knew James Madison said he had a stable life in the community. He was an active member of the Christian Love Baptist Church in Irvington, New Jersey, and was a hard-working machinist. The locals viewed him as someone polite and respectable. He was cool, calm and collected under pressure, and very sensitive to other people's needs and feelings. James Madison was in a committed relationship with a lovely woman, and made sure all her needs were met, often spoiling her with extravagances. He also took very good care of himself. He had an ongoing membership in the local fitness center, had extremely white teeth and "Paul Newman" blue eyes.

An Indulgent Father

Greg Adrian was a hard-working family man. He owned a successful computer repair business and the family was financially secure. When his wife was at work, Greg was very supportive and helped her a lot at home. Together, they were raising their only daughter. The neighbors were convinced they were spoiling that child too much, especially Greg. But she was daddy's little girl, and no one was going to take that away from him. Yet, the child was getting older.

A Gentle Boy

Robert Hawkins was a quiet, studious, gentle boy. He was quite impressionable and easily troubled. Robert never recovered from his parents' divorce, and had a strained relationship with his mother and domineering stepfather. The boy spent most of his time reading in his room. He didn't have many friends and kept to himself to avoid bullies.

A Creative Loner

Thomas Richard Evered led a secluded life in Missoula, Montana. He was a quiet loner who lived with his mother. His sister also lived in the area and visited often, enjoying long philosophical conversations with her brother. Thomas was a thoughtful, creative young man, devoting a lot of time to his main passions, photography and video production. He stayed up late most nights, spending many hours on the computer in the basement, and his mother and sister had hoped he was looking for dates. They would have liked it if Thomas eventually met a nice woman and started his own family. They sometimes wondered if he was gay, but it really didn't matter: they loved Thomas and would have accepted his lifestyle. He didn't seem interested in moving out and starting a family, and they were content to leave things as they were.

The Wholesome Couple

Richard Davis and Dena Riley were a nice, quiet, hard-working couple. According to the neighbors, they seemed very well suited and attached to each other. They never got drunk, had angry fights, or noisy parties. Although they didn't talk much, they were always together in a supportive manner. To the neighbors, they seemed to have some kind of special connection. It was a pity they didn't have children ...

Beloved Grandson

Keir Sanders was affectionately called K.D. by his family. His mother often reminisces about how bright and creative he was as a boy. K.D. loved drawing, sketching and painting and enjoyed fiddling with gadgets, clocks and radios as a child. He had a sweet disposition and was affectionate and helpful with his mother and grandparents. The little boy was the apple of everyone's eye in the Sanders family.

A Devoted Caretaker

Robert Ellis Cox was a veteran police officer in Salt Lake Valley, Utah. He was married, and his wife had two young daughters from a previous marriage. Meeting Robert changed the lives of this woman and her children. He was so attentive and helpful, always there to make things easier on his wife. He even changed his shift at the precinct, allowing her to work during the day, while he took care of the children at home. He really appeared to care about these girls, helping them with homework, cooking their meals and participating in their games. The girls' mother felt especially comforted that whenever she was not around, her kids were safe under the watchful eye of a policeman.

An Immigrant's Dream

Igor Koumlikov was a devoted son and a loving, protective older brother. He immigrated to the United States from Russia in the late 90s, and settled in Detroit, MI with his widowed mother and younger sister. Things weren't easy for the family at first, and Igor worked hard to help support the family. He worked extra shifts at construction sites, helping his mother to pay for his sister's college education and trying to save some money. Igor had high hopes for owning a business and a house some day and dreamed of his mother never having to work again.

The Peace Activist

One would expect that Leo Burt was treated at school like any other nerd with a shy smile and inquisitive hazel eyes behind glasses, except the University of Wisconsin knew better. Leo was in very good physical shape and had a reputation of a health nut and an avid athlete. He had a passion for rowing and was on the school's crew team. He was also a talented writer and his journalism major had landed him on the staff of the liberal university paper, where he had the opportunity to editorialize on political issues to his heart's content.

A Doctor with Great Bedside Manner

Richard Boakai was a quiet, studious young man from a small town in Liberia. He was the only one in his family to go to college, and he dreamed of going to medical school in America. It wasn't easy, but his parents made every effort to help him succeed. If their son achieved his dream, the whole family would benefit from this tremendous investment, no matter how hard it was to make. Richard worked hard to earn scholarships, and was accepted by a medical school in Baltimore, MD. He excelled at his studies and was subsequently hired by one of the best hospitals in Baltimore. Richard's future looked bright.

A Petty Thief

Everyone considered Jason Belmer a thug and petty thief. He was caught stealing a jewelry box out of a home in Newbury, Maine. When Belmer appeared in Court to hear the charges, he ran through the courtroom and crashed through the closed window. Belmer ran to the river and jumped in, but cops caught him and brought him back. He pled guilty to the escape and no contest to the burglary, was sentenced to two years in prison, let out on parole, and forgotten.

Friendly Waitress

Hazel Head was a friendly woman. She worked as a waitress at local greasy spoon diners frequented by truck drivers. She made sure to feed them well and generally made their stop feel like a home away from home. The truckers loved Hazel. She hung out at truck stops and often traveled with them to make their time on the road pleasurable as well. She was just so much fun, drinking and smoking heavily, not to be outdone by the men, and loved to frequent the casinos. The petite redhead with sultry hazel eyes loved the company of men and always welcomed the opportunity to meet new companions. Placing personal ads was her favorite activity, and she was pretty successful, never without a date.

Sunday School Teacher

Paul Rodgers was a devout Christian. He regularly went to church and was very knowledgeable about the bible, quoting many verses by heart. He enjoyed in-depth discussions about biblical issues and participated in numerous debates. Paul attended bible studies and helped teach children's Sunday school.

A Civil Servant

59-year-old Dennis L. Rader was a married father of two and a compliance officer for Park City, Kansas. He was in charge of enforcing municipal regulations, such as animal control, housing problems, zoning, permit enforcement and other nuisance cases. Rader was also a Cub Scout troop leader and president of his church. Neighbors thought he was somewhat helpful, though he bristled easily. One of his pet peeves was the neighbors' insufficient - in his opinion - attention to their lawns. In other words, he sounds like a typical ordinary, overworked but conscientious city employee, community leader and family man.

A Genteel Boyfriend

Mark Anthony Wilson of Fort Dodge, IA was a very likable man. The friends and family of Joni Manning, his girlfriend of eight months, really enjoyed his company and were happy for Joni. She was a good hard-working woman, a nurse, who hadn't always had it easy. It seemed she was finally happy.

A Sociable Teddy Bear

Many people in Gary, Indiana knew and liked Larry Burns. The bearded man had an outgoing, highly social personality and a hearty laugh. When he showed up in local bars, he became the center of attention. Larry had many hobbies. He loved and devotedly trained his Rottweiler, liked to hunt and fish and enjoyed the outdoors. He was also quite an accomplished video game player. Larry was famous for his mechanical skills and worked in the steel industry.

A Doting Mother

Somewhere out there, possibly in Texas, Alicia Banuelos and her daughter Lyric, now a teenager, live a quiet, wholesome life. They go to church every Sunday and spend free time communing with relatives in the area. Alicia is a doting mother and likes to know where Lyric is at all times. She speaks poor English, and the girl is very obliging in helping her mother to get around. Mother and daughter are inseparable, but Alicia worries that the time is nearing when Lyric will want to spread her wings, explore life away from her, and then ...

The Holy Crusader

Timothy Thomas Coombs was a highly respected religious leader in McDonald County, MO. The right hand of Pastor Robert Joos of the Sacerdotal Order of the David Company, he held the title of Ambassador. He liked to refer to himself as a "Nazarite". Coombs was considered very intelligent by the locals. He was a prominent figure and his appearance fit his reputation. He wore wire-rimmed glasses, thick sideburns, and his hazel eyes shone with pure religious fervor. He took special care with his clothing, always wearing religious lace or fringe around his shirt and pant cuffs.

Not a Typical Surfer

The locals and tourists in Oahu, Hawaii all knew and loved Reinier Kraan. He was the life of every beach party, every luau. An avid surfer, Reinier often attracted admiring crowds to the shore, watching him expertly tame the ferocious waves. He looked the part - long and wavy blond hair, chiseled musculature, green eyes bright as emeralds against deeply tanned skin - attracting throngs of female admirers. The best surprise was that when the ladies got to know the local hero, they discovered a very intelligent and articulate counterpart, very pleasant company indeed. Reinier enjoyed his popularity with the fair sex, and his frequent, copious escapades were legendary in Oahu and beyond.

A Spotless Butcher

Not many people knew Raimundo Barboza Neto from Sandy Springs, Georgia intimately, but those who did, agreed that he was a pretty unique individual. Originally from Brazil, Raimundo kept close to what he knew and rarely left the Brazilian community, mostly patronizing local restaurants and stores. Not surprisingly, he spoke very little English, but rumor had it he was also barely literate in Portuguese. Raimundo zealously amassed cash, yet peculiar fellow that he was, never entrusted his wealth to a bank. He was a loner who liked and preferred his own company, and was very quiet in public, a gentle giant with a shy smile. His size and physical strength made him a good fit for his occupation - a butcher - but contrary to stereotypes, Raimundo Barboza Neto always appeared spotlessly clean and precisely organized.

A Cosmopolitan Charmer

Rachid Benaissa is a man of considerable allure and sophistication. He has lived in France and Algiers before settling in the U. S. in the '80s, and is fluent in French. His English is effortless, with a trace of a French accent. Well educated and suave, Rachid is quite a connoisseur of music, literature, food and wine. He is also passionate and knowledgeable about European cars; in the '90s, Rachid was making a good living as a mechanic in Hollywood, Florida. His Mediterranean looks and temperament had earned him a swooning throng of female admirers, but Rachid only had eyes for Patricia.

A Good Provider

James Cooke was a family man. According to his live-in girlfriend, he was loving and patient with her and her kids, a hard worker, a good provider, and an all-around fun guy. James liked to bring home gifts for the family and enjoyed playing his music and video games with his friends. He liked to talk about the day he'll make enough money to take them all on a long trip around the world. They teased him that on his pay it'll probably take a while before they could do that.

Caring Mother of Two

Patty Carrion worked at a convalescent home, demonstrating diligence and compassion suitable to her job. She was also a dedicated, loving mother of twin toddler daughters, one of whom required frequent medical care and a respiratory device. The petite, attractive Hispanic brunette living in the quiet Connecticut community appeared shy and mostly kept to herself.

A Caring Boyfriend

If one asked the neighbors at the apartment complex in Lakewood, CO, they would have characterized Matthew Caulk as a friendly, hard-working man, always eager to help little old ladies with grocery bags. 16-year-old Amber saw Matthew as her charming savior. She lived in the same complex, and the two met at the community pool. Amber felt misunderstood by her family, and Matthew was as supportive and loving as can be.

Shy Southern Casanova

Calvin Bennett was quite a heartbreaker. He was a prolific internet dater, enjoying success with quite a few young ladies. He seemed to have had a sweetheart in almost every state he passed through, and Calvin Bennett did get around. No surprise there - the 28-year old man was quite a looker: big blue eyes, full pouty mouth, a sexy goatee. Even his screen name - ShySothernGuy80 - was so charmingly vulnerable, a real chick magnet. His latest conquest was an 18-year old college student named Andrea, whom he met online almost three weeks ago. On the night in question the love birds were enjoying a private interlude at Andrea's parents' house in Rothschild, Wisconsin, with Calvin's gray Chevy Silverado pick-up truck parked in the driveway.

Charming Midwestern Lover Boy

Jeffrey Marshall had moved to Fresno, CA from Ohio. He became known in his new hometown as a pleasant conversationalist and a friendly neighbor. He could be seen every morning walking his pride and joy - a pair of pampered golden retrievers. Women loved his jovial manner and many bonded with him over mutual love of animals. He also impressed them with his technological savvy, always well-informed about the latest computer and telecommunications trinkets and their clever use. Unfortunately, his health has not been good of late; it is rumored that he's been seeing a prostate cancer specialist.

A Loving Woman

The stereotypical concept of transsexuals in our society tends to assume that they are mostly mellow, friendly, if somewhat confused people. Certainly, whoever knows Max Montijo-LaMadrid, believes he fits that profile. 'Maxine' is a pretty, feminine transgendered individual with soulful brown eyes, who can be seen in a sexy dress showing off her curvy female figure. She is a gentle, quiet person from a large, closely-knit family, and regularly crosses the Arizona-Mexican border to visit elderly parents and siblings.

A Jolly Good Fella

Michael Mordenti was hailed "a good citizen" and "a significant witness for the government" by the FBI agent whom Mordenti had assisted in arresting a bank robber in 1991. Mordenti identified the bank surveillance photos of the robber, and provided important information on his whereabouts. Others once knew Michael Mordenti as a divorced St. Petersburg car salesman, a quiet, unassuming middle-aged man who loved boats.

A article from The Associated Press from July 31, 2008, states that during the same year, Michael Mordenti was convicted of first-degree murder and spent the next 14 years on death row. However, he was recently retried and released based on a technicality. According to the prosecution, the husband of the victim hired Mordenti to kill his wife. Later, suffering from a guilty conscience, the husband killed himself, but not before he confided in his attorney that "prosecutors had convicted the wrong man". However obvious it was that he was implicating himself as the real guilty party, an appeals court ordered a new trial. As a result, Mordenti struck a deal: he pleaded guilty to second-degree murder, got credit for the time already served, and went free.

Videogame-Loving Veteran Enjoys Hunting

Videogame-fan Kenneth Mikolon is a 12-year veteran of the U.S. Army, and used his training to become a skilled outdoorsman who enjoys camping in the wilderness. Mikolon was released from the Army on disability for a bad back, for which he must take medication.

39-year-old Mikolon is also on the run, accused of repeatedly sexually abusing a teenage girl since she was a young girl. Mikolon faces 18 counts of sexual abuse of the Grafton, W.Va. teenager. Mikolon did not appear at his October 8, 2008 court date, and left a letter for his family saying he had no plans to return. Evidence was found indicating he intended to escape into the wilderness, including several thousand dollars of survival gear. One of the more extreme items was a body stapler to close up wounds.